Our Founder, D. Gary Young (1949-2018)

D. Gary Young
Many people dream of turning their passion into a profession, but Young Living Founder and father of the modern-day essential oils movement D. Gary Young made his dream a reality.

Over two decades ago, Gary discovered the profound power of essential oils. Through Young Living, he was able to share his matchless knowledge with millions around the world, supporting their health and transforming their lives. Gary's unrivaled expertise on the therapeutic power of plants led to the creation of the world's largest and most diverse line of oil-infused products.

In his travels to study essential oil distillation techniques around the world, Gary discovered wide discrepancies in quality. He learned that in order to ensure purity and potency, rigorous, expert analysis of finished oils was critical. With a newfound commitment to essential oil science, Gary established the standard now known as Seed to Seal®, a quality commitment that Young Living will sell only 100 percent pure, natural, uncut oils that maintain their vital potency.

Along with the responsibilities of running a growing international company, Gary oversaw operations on Young Living’s many global farms, where he directed the growth, harvest, and distillation processes of the highest quality essential oils in the world. As the leading authority on essential oils, he frequently published and spoke on the benefits and remarkable properties of essential oils.

With a deep conviction of the power of essential oils, Gary embodied the spirit of Young Living and left a legacy that continues to advocate total well-being for everyone, everywhere.